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26 April 2015 @ 10:47 pm
Group Name : SEVENTEEN
Hangul : 세븐틴

SEVENTEEN has always been a group I hold very closely to my heart. Since early 2013, I have been following their every broadcasts and SNS updates, constantly supporting them through my twitter account @chanjins. Recently, Pledis has decided to give them their own reality show titled '데뷔 대작전', also translated as 'Debut Big Plan'. The show will be aired on MBC as of May 2nd and to be very honest, I'd like to see a whole lot more people supporting them. Thus said, here is a short introduction on SEVENTEEN.


SEVENTEEN started out as a pre-debut project made to attract fans and garnering attention before their official appearances. The first broadcast was sometime during Christmas (2012) and there have been 5 seasons broadcasted live. In 2015, they shifted from U-Stream to Afreeca TV and continued with their broadcasts although named 'Andromeda' instead of the initial '17TV'. The hosts for Andromeda are Seungkwan and Hoshi, of whom I will elaborate more in a short while.

Below is a very brief profile on each of the members (mostly copied off the pledis17 tumblr web, so please refer to their '/profile' page for more info).
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16 June 2014 @ 02:26 pm
Title: Give Me A Break
Characters: Katari Yuka (OC), Shintaro Morimoto, Ryutaro Morimoto
Genre: Fluff
Warning: n/a
Description: Katari Yuka is a conflicted 16 year old with boy problems and occasional breakouts. It's a coaster like age and everything comes off as despicable too her, mostly so, her sometimes too friendly neighbor Shintaro Morimoto. Will there ever be a time where Yuka starts liking Shintaro?
A/N: Hi! I'm Cell and um, thanks for visiting I guess. This fic is my first post here in LJ. It was originally posted on aff (and still is) but I decided to add it to LJ. Anyways, enjoy reading this short fic *whispers* written because of my overflowing feels for Shintaro and Ryutaro o/

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